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humble beginnings


Johnny Ahern started his  tattoo career September 4 2005 at a small tattoo shop he had become a regular and loyal customer of over the few years prior to his apprenticeship. Johnny started that apprenticeship at Absolute tattoo in Golden Colorado that day not knowing that it would change his life forever. After becoming a full time tattoo artist Johnny worked at a few different tattoo shops Always dreaming of owning his own one day. That day came on August 21 2010. Johnnys Tattoo was born! 

Our First Artist 

Dillon Ahern, Johnnys younger brother was a young and hungry artist at the time. He wanted nothing more than to be a professional tattoo artist like his brother. The brothers made an agreement that if Dillon graduated high school Johnny would take him on as an apprentice... Both of the brothers kept their word and the first artist at Johnnys tattoo was officially hired. Dillon Ahern did the first tattoo at Johnnys Tattoo on Johnny Ahern August 21 2010  Since then many artists have come and gone through the shop over the years, 14 years later the 2 that started it all remain. We are shooting for Quality over Quantity these days so it only makes sense that  the brothers that have worked together building Johnnys Tattoo into what it is today should be the people running the everyday operations to ensure every tattoo is up to their very high Standards. These two young men eat, sleep, and breath tattoos and it shows! 

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey


Johnnys tattoo is a fun and friendly environment set up the way a tattoo shop should be Clean, and comfortable, with thousands of traditional designs covering the walls and 58 inch TVs in each tattoo station so you can kick back and relax, maybe watch a movie, or play some XBOX while your getting tattooed. If that's not your bag we can also put on some music. The Ahern brothers are good at what they do, and they enjoy their job and it shows.  You can see it not only in their outstanding tattoo work, but also in their great attitude and customer service. They make it look easy... Almost like they are having the time of their lives putting their art on people and getting paid to do it!

We are 

Johnnys TATTOO

hawk tattoo


Experience You Can Trust.


Johnny Ahern


Owner / Tattoo Artist

Johnny Ahern

TEXT (303) 875-9702



Dillon Ahern

Master Tattoo Artist

Dillon Ahern

TEXT (720) 422-8674​

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