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From Black and Grey to color we have the artist for you... It is a tight Crew of friends that work here, and that get tattooed here, Come join the crew and get a tattoo, we have 5 artists to choose from, all have different styles to choose from.

 Much more work to see at the shop 8888 N Washington St Thornton Colorado 80229 or @ johnnys tattoo on facebook. this is a new site, and we will be adding to it as soon as possible... We look foward to hearing from you, and giving you a great tattoo.

We also do piercings every Sunday $10 each piercing including jewelry...(microdermals and below the belt NOT included) microdermals are $40 for one $60 for 2 on the same person and so on... any questions please call the shop (303) 719-2138 


Johnny Ahern : Tattoo Artist of the day InkedMagazine.com 2-14-2012

Rider from Mornings with Kygo was here 2-18-2012 check out the photos on facebook.

Much more to come........